If you would like to have a detailed inspection of your roof and you live in Leeds, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Castleford or any of the areas covered by Cunningham Roofing, please contact Michael Cunningham who will be pleased to carry out a free survey and give you an estimate for any repairs needed.


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Check roofs for dislodged tiles, gaps in tiles, slipped tiles, loose flashing and moss build-up.

If periodic DIY checks are carried out on the state of the roof, gutters, fascias, soffits etc, potential problems can often be avoided by having the roof repaired or replaced before leaking occurs.  An inspection from the ground is made easier if the roof is viewed through a zoom lens camera.

Cunningham Roofing recommends that a DIY inspection is done at least twice a year - before and after the winter - with extra checks if there has been a particularly bad storm.

Roofing trouble-spots typically include:


•  The mortar on the ridge or verge of the roof may become dislodged by birds or loose through weathering, causing gaps which can lead to leaks.


•  Tiles can slip or fall, which can not only cause the roof to allow in rain but may also be dangerous.


•  The lead flashing around the base of a chimney or flue can become loose or weathered, eventually leading to leaks if left unattended.


•  A build-up of moss can prevent rain from running freely off the roof, causing the water to back up under the tiles and rotting the laths.


•  Guttering which is clogged with leaves and debris prevents rainwater running away, eventually causing the gutter to overflow.

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